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Pantone 2024 color is…

Like every year, we present to you the Pantone color of the year! This year the chosen color is warm, soft and comforting, it is the Peach Fuzz color. It is a color that evokes youth and timelessness. If you want to use the color of the year 2024, here are the references for your […]

Do we need a business card?

Do we need a business card? A question that has been asked more and more often in recent years! With the digital age and teleworking, we have fewer opportunities to distribute our business card. On the other hand, they should not be neglected for all that. And there are still many opportunities to use it! […]

Multi-Graf in Old-Montréal in July 2021

Multi-Graf, at 417 Saint-Pierre Street, a little bit of history… Saint-Pierre Street is one of the first streets in Ville-Marie. In fact, it is mentioned on plans dating back to 1672. It is on this street that we find the remains of the old Montreal General Hospital which was built between 1665 and 1704. It […]

Multi-Graf moved!

It was on September 3, 2019 that Multi-Graf moved into its brand new premises at 9635 rue Clément. Located the Clément exit of Highway 20 and equipped with several parking spaces, Multi-Graf is now easier to access for its many customers. Now with our conference room, we can welcome you more comfortably to discuss your projects. […]

New Loyalty Program at Multi-Graf

3 good reasons to join our new loyalty program! Do you like rewards? You will be happy to learn the implementation of our new Multi-Graf points program which aims to reward our loyal customers. Nowadays, we are constantly attracted by the many points programs such as grocery stores, airlines, pharmacies, credit cards, etc. We have […]

The 2019 Pantone color is…

A very nice color! The color Living Coral. A bright and soft color, filled with warmth. It’s an easy-to-integrate color in most designs, it’s a vivid color, but less punchy than its two predecessors, Greenery for 2017 and Ultra Violet for 2018. If you want to use the color of the year 2019, here are […]

500 or 1000 Post Cards for 100$

Need a little help to increase your sales? Print postcards! 500 – 5×7 front/back color : 100$ 1000 – 4.25 x 5.5 front/back color : 100$ Send us your files or contact-us to create your design! Valid until December 7th 2018!

Book Printing

Do you know the name of the binding of a soft cover book? It’s called Perfect Binding.  How is it made? The edge of the pages that are in the spines side of the book are scraped and then coated with a special glue then is applied in the cover with a pressure system! If you […]

A good coffee … it starts well the day!

How many coffees do you drink per day ? Where does it come from? Did you know that coffee increase the performance of your employees? If you have a coffee machine, or espresso or cappuccino machine, you will be more performant! It is not an expense, but an investment! In addition to rendering your employees […]

2019 Calendar promotion

25 % discount on our 2019 Desktop Calendars ! There is still a few days before our promotion is over! All our Desktop Calendars, any quantity, are at 25% discount until November 16, 2018! Don’t miss the chance to make your clients happy! Visit our page or pass by our store!

Rollup Promotion

Do you have your Rollup? Take advantage of our promotion : 195$ for 1 et 175$/ea. for 2 Print, stand and bag include ! We can even do it the same day! Valid until November 23rd, 2018

Artist of the year 2019 – Gilles M. Belisle

Gilles M. Belisle A TALE OF TWO PASSIONS The healer –  the artist… Medicine and photography are the two driving forces behind Gilles-Michel Belisle.   It was the best of times… Born in the mid 1950’s in the small town of Lachute, Quebec, Gilles Belisle broke the mould at a very early age. […]

The Squared Greeting cards… a format that seduces !

Will you send some greeting cards this year02? Why would you prefer virtual cards? All year long, you communicate with you family and business relations through emails, facebook, messenger and other social media! Why not take the holiday season as an opportunity to show them how much you care for them. For a family member, […]

The business calendar…still a nice gift to get !

Why do you still use a printed calendar? I’ve heard it so many time… Why would my clients need a printed calendar when they always have their cell on hand? Simply for the meaning! Because it’s easier to count weeks on the printed version. Because the calendar that you will give will be unique. Because […]

Do you know Yenilex… our 2018 artist of the year !

This year, our artist of the year has been suggested by our employee Emelie. She knows her, and thought it would be great that we meet her. We did like what Yenilex Romero do, and we choose her as our Artist of the year. Discover Yenilex through her painting and follow her on facebook!

The Fifth color!

English text coming soon!  We print in white color on dark Paper!! Les couleurs d’imprimerie Digitale (CMYK) sont représentées de la manière suivante :  Cyan – Magenta – Jaune et Noir.  Toutes les couleurs sont générées par la combinaison de ces 4 couleurs.  Que penseriez-vous si on vous disait qu’il existe maintenant une 5e couleur ? […]

Artist of the year 2018 – Yenilex Romero

Zumaira Expressions is a young, light and profound initiative, which reflects the creativity of all the artists behind this initiative. Zumaira means to bring calmness into emotions. The project itself consists of an emerging artists’ cooperative who create through art, works that tell their experiences, while letting go their minds and concentrate on their free […]

2017 artist of the year – Ann Murphy

Née en 1975, artiste Ann Murphy crée de l’art depuis sa jeunesse. Autodidacte,  son métier se développe de façon naturelle et organique.  Elle s’intéresse à plusieurs mediums différents durant son développement, tel  le dessin, la peinture, l’ébénisterie et finalement la sculpture. Son parcours est marqué par une présence au salon des métiers d’arts, de salon […]

2017 is just a few steps away !

Every year, from the month of October, you start receiving calendars, from businesses, grocery stores and banks. As a business, you are asking yourself if it is still pertinent 2016 to distribute calendars. With cell phones and computers, it seems that we don’t need those printed calendars as much as we used to. At Multi-Graf, we […]

And the 2016 color is…

Please take note that the English version will be available soon En fait, cette année, pour la première fois de son histoire, Pantone a choisi 2 couleurs, le Rose Quartz et le Sérénité, deux couleurs douces et apaisantes. Ces couleurs seront vu un peu partout, dans les affiches, les publicités, les emballages, se sera un […]

The significations of shapes

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Comme les couleurs, les formes influencent notre perception des choses qui nous entourent.  Que ce soit dans le design industriel, par exemple dans les meubles ou le monde de l’automobile, le carré ou le cercle, la ligne droite ou la courbe, représentent la masculinité, […]


Please take note that the English version will be available soon Quand tout est simple, tout va bien! Choisissez notre Solution Rapide. Vous n’avez pas de site web parce que c’est compliqué, c’est trop long, vous n’avez pas le temps, vous ne savez pas quoi y mettre…Je vous comprends. Combien de fois entreprenons-nous des projets que nous […]

Easy, even for you

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Il y a quelque temps, une cliente est passée nous voir a nos bureaux de Multi-Graf, elle désirait débuter un blogue sur un sujet important pour elle. En fait, elle avait commencé son blogue sur un site “X” gratuit, mais trouvait cela très désagréable […]

Images and copyrights

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Que signifie “Droits d’auteurs”? L’auteur est la seule personne à détenir le droit de distribuer ou de céder les droits d’une oeuvre à une autre personne. Toute personne désirant utiliser son oeuvre doit au préalable obtenir son autorisation. Il est important de savoir que […]

Why should you have a website

Please take note that the English version will be available soon En 2015, on ne se pose plus la question, vous démarrez votre entreprise, il vous faut un site web! Il est important, voir primordial que l’on puisse trouver de l’information rapidement sur votre entreprise. La majorité des gens s’informent avant de faire un achat […]

Organic ranking

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Il est très important d’être bien référencé sur le web pour être vu par de nouveaux clients potentiels. Il existe plusieurs façons pour être référencé. Mais la façon la plus durable est le référencement naturel. Le référencement naturel est obtenu grâce au contenu d’un site internet et […]

10 things that should contain your website

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Vous avez pris la décision de créer votre tout premier site web et vous ne savez pas quoi y mettre? Multi-Graf a préparé une liste pour que vous puissiez vous préparer de façon optimale à la conception de votre site web. Voici une liste et des […]

Think about your images

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Vous avez trouvez ou pris de belles photos pour votre site web, il faut maintenant penser à les optimiser pour votre site. Plusieurs choses sont a considérer selon Multi-Graf : La taille de l’image : ajustez l’image à la taille maximale a laquelle vous désirez qu’elle s’affiche […]

2016 artist of the year – Diane Boisclair

Le dessin de mode, le graphisme, l’illustration et la conception de vitraux ont grandement contribué à renforcer la formation artistique de Diane Boisclair. Née à Montréal, elle travaille et vit à LaSalle. Depuis l’enfance, son amour du dessin forge le dialogue entre son expression et son intuition. En plus des couleurs rayonnantes de la nature, elle tire son […]

Free banner stands

Here is a sale you don’t wanna miss! Since a few years, we cummulated a few banner stands that we used as demos. Some doesn’t exist anymore, some are a bit different than newer models. We decided to make room in our storage place and let you take advantage af an incredible discount! Get a […]

New! We do diecut stickers

We are proud of our new acquisition ! In June 2015, we received our new cutter. We can now cut plain or print vinyl to all sizes. As it is an stand alone machine, our print quality is still the same! Quality latex printing. We can make small or large stickers sticker. The variety of […]

New tag Mobile-Friendly, did you know?

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Multi-Graf a pour but de vous permettre d’avoir un site professionnel et économique, mais aussi de vous tenir informer sur les nouveautés du web, technologique, d’affaire et créatif. Voici une nouvelle qui fera un très grand changement dans vos projets de site web et dans vos […]

Why is it important to have a Responsive Website

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Multi-Graf croit que l’expérience client doit être l’un des facteurs les plus important lors de la conception de votre site web. Avec la croissance des recherches faites a partir d’un mobile, il est encore plus important que votre site websoit bien conçu. Un site web doit s’adapter à […]

10 tips to lower the cost of leaflet creation

Whether you are starting your business or have undertaken major changes in your corporate image, it happened to all of you the desire to give to your business a professional brochure reflecting your business image. Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been impressed by the high costs of some design agencies. It is possible to create […]

The choice of colors

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Vous avez surement entendu parlé de la couleur vedette 2015, le Marsala. Le Marsala tient son nom du vin fortifié en provenance de l’Italie, alors on peut très bien imaginé la couleur, un bourgogne un peu brunâtre comme une tache de vin séché sur […]

Sonia Del Signore : Feature artist of the year

Please take note that the English version will be available soon 40 ans de la journée internationale de la femme! Qui de mieux que l’artiste Sonia Del Signore pour souligner les 40 ans de la journée internationale de la femme!Il y a 40 ans, en 1975, l’année entière avait été consacré à la femme, c’était […]

Order your 2015 calendars and greeting cards

Hurry up! Order your 2015 calendars. Get 25% discount on table calendars on orders received before november 2014. This year, our featured artist is Sonia Del Signore. We also have poster calendars, 12 pages and magnetized calendars. We offer familly calendars for only 14$ for 1 all included. Take this moment to order your greeting […]

Cheques Printing

Please note that we temporarily stopped to producing cheques, sorry for the inconvenience. Since more than one year, we started to produce cheques. We print personal and business cheques. For the same price or even cheaper than financial institution, we offer a large variety and unique choice of background, you can even add your color logo […]

Bill C-28 : Tips and Tricks

Make clean-up. When you will send your request to confirm their subscription, I suggest you ask them to confirm their acceptance or to remove from the list, this way your contact list will be a list of great value to your business and this so you will not attempt to try to recontact people who […]

Bill C-28, how to deal with it?

The new bill C-28 affect us all. You will need to make adjustments in your lists. You must know if the people to whom you are sending newsletter gave you their consent. There is 2 types of consent; implied consent and express consent. Implied consent : Any persons who have made a purchase from your […]

The best time to send your mailings

When sending out an advertising campaign, timing is everything. Many studies have been done, and they all agree that the ideal days are Tuesday through Thursday. Monday, being a busy day used for planning, is not ideal. Furthermore, your email would likely be lost in the flood of unread emails from the weekend. As of […]

How often should mailings go out?

Another good question is: How often should my mailings go out? Getting the right frequency is crucial. Too-frequent mailings risk harming your business. Your clientele is less likely to read your emails if they are too frequent. Your emails risk being labeled SPAM, and you may cause clients to unsubscribe from your mailing list. But […]

Why pre-plan your mailings?

Advance programming of mailings allows you to be more efficient, saves you time, helps you avoid sending emails light on content (if you didn’t have time to think of what you wanted to say). Take a day to design your campaigns ahead of time. Plan your specials in advance, whether for daily specials or special […]

What is the purpose of automatic replies?

With mailContact, you can create auto-replies for a variety of circumstances. By creating auto-reply messages, you can give the impression of proximity, but you can also prompt your clients to act. Upon subscription: When someone joins one of your lists, you can reply with an automatic welcome email When forwarding an email to a friend: […]

Greeting Cards

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Le temps des fêtes approche, on le sent au froid qui s’installe et aux petits flocons qui sont tombés hier soir! Profitez de ce beau moment de réjouissance pour souligner votre appréciation à votre clientèle et aux gens que vous aimez. Plus de 100 […]

Breakfast at Cora for LaSalle Hospital Foundation

Tuesday October 8th have been held the first Fundraising Breakfast from our team composed of Poste de Quartier 13, Cora LaSalle and Multi-Graf.  It have been very successful with over 400 breakfasts served and 5000$ raised for LaSalle Hospital Foundation. The breakfast took place at Cora LaSalle, from 6:30 am to 11am.  The breakfast was […]

The quality of your contact lists

When it comes to contact lists, quality is far more important than quantity. You may be tempted, like many others, to obtain contact lists from the web. At first glance, it may seem like a good idea, but among the email addresses in these lists, many are invalid, many of the contacts are not in […]

2014 artist of the year – Littorio Del Signore

Littorio Del Signore Littorio Del Signore est né le 18 octobre 1938 à Sulmona en Italie. Son parcours artistique débute dès l’âge de 10 ans alors que ses enseignants sont étonnés par la sûreté de son coup de crayon et la qualité de ses dessins. À 12 ans, il peint sa première toile à l’huile, […]

New Website

It is our pleasure to present our new website. We have endeavoured to make your life easier by posting all necessary information. We hope that you will find our site interesting and don’t forget to visit often, as we will be regularly posting articles and special offers on certain products.

2014 Calendars

Our 2014 Calendars are ready.  Comes to pick-up your copy or to order yours for your clients or family. This year, take advantage of our new economic design for your family or business. Add your pictures or use our Featured artist 2014, the artist Littorio Del Signore. Order now and get 25% discount on selected […]

Sending newsletter : economical and effective

In these challenging economic times, every one of us is looking for ways to save money. How do businesses save money? By reducing employee hours By cutting jobs By buying less expensive products By reducing their advertising … Companies realized that when they cut advertising, revenues, purchasing power and growth were also decreasing. Faced with […]

Grand opening

On May 22nd, we moved to our new offices at 7559, boul. Newman, at the intersection of Lapierre. Our new quarters are decorated with style and designed to improve productivity and efficiency. To celebrate our move and our 12 years of operation, we held a “5 à 7” on May 30th. Many people attended including […]

Large format printer

Please take note that the English version will be available soon Notre nouvelle imprimante HP L26500 utilise la technologie au latex, c’est une technologie de jet d’encre thermique. L’encre au latex résiste aux intempéries et aux égratignures.  L’encre au latex est même plus durable que les encres éco-solvant habituellement utilisés pour l’affichage extérieur. Cette imprimante […]

We print Blueprints

With the Aficio MP W3601 by Ricoh, a large format digital printer, we can print a variety of formats in black and white. Using a 24” or 36” wide paper roll it prints sizes from 18×24 to 24×36 to 36×48 or any other standard measure from 24” and 36” roll. We can also scan in color. […]


Subscribe and receive points on all your purchases at Multi-Graf.

Every dollar spent gives you 1.5 points. 100 points gives you 1 dollar discount. This equates to an interesting 1.5% discount on all your purchases before taxes. In addition, we will regularly offer bonus points on selected products.