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Semi-dedicated hosting!

host1Much more than a shared hosting service. All the advantages of a dedicated service at a fraction of the cost!

Multi-Hosting, a division of Multi-Graf Inc. has been offering reliable website hosting and domain registration services for more than 19 years now!

Why our system is fast and reliable? Because we limit the numbers or websites host on our servers.

Security, Reliability and Speed

3 very important points when selecting your Internet host. All our servers are under constant monitoring to ensure proper functioning at all times. If a problem were to arise, we would be immediately advised by text message. Verification is automatically done every 5 minutes. It is extremely important for us that our stability, speed and security be the best!

With a shared host, several thousand sites are hosted on one same server. This creates instability and slowdown of your websites.

On a semi-dedicated server, we limit the number of sites being hosted, that way each site has access to more resources. At multi-hosting, not only does semi-dedicated mean that we limit the number of sites, each account also has its own reserved memory and usage CPU.

It’s as if each client account had its own server. Stop being affected by other client accounts. You will no longer be dealing with server slowdowns caused by another Website’s vast popularity!

On a semi-dedicated server, your site’s navigation will flow better, and without delays.

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Quality is our priority!

Unbeatable client support!!

Hosting on which you can count!
No additional costs, no supplemental fees

Multi-Hosting is a division of Multi-Graf Inc., which offers rapid and reliable hosting that is free of surprises. We have been in operation for over 19 years. We are continuously growing and finding ways to improve our services. We make ourselves available, and we know our clients and we give them our-self  personal support. You can chose amongst several packages that differ only in the amount of allocated space.

At Multi-Hosting, your satisfaction is our priority!

Client Services

With, you are dealing with a small business that personally ensures customer support. Give yourself a service that is secure and personalized. A member of our team will personally take care of you.

1- You have a question? We are here to respond.

2- You wish to meet with us? We welcome you at our offices.

« Backup »

We make weekly automatic backups of all of your files and data on an external server.

Why is our system rapid, reliable and secure? Because we limit the number of sites hosted on our servers as well as controlling the content.