Gold, silver, red, holographic....


We are doing small quantity hot stamping as well as “Variable Data”, Contact us for more details!

Stamping , to give value to your product

The hot stamping is the image transfer process of a film, usually metal but available in hundreds of colors and different finishes, to your paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, leather, wood etc. with pressure and heat. The level of heat, pressure and time vary depending on the types of materials used and requires a specialized technique.

To transfer your image or text, files are engraved on a metal plate transferring heat. This plate is then applied to the hot press. After reaching the desired heat, we make the necessary adjustments. Then, each of your sheets are punched one by one. It is a long and laborious process, but gives a high result for your product. Stamping also allows you to choose materials that are not normally used in printing, such as leather, wood or plastic.

Whether for your business cards, your greeting cards, invitations, you will stands out!