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The design and visual structure

Through a website well designed and visually appealing, you’ll attract the attention of the visitor who would becomes certainly an interesting prospect. The combination of colors, the type of selected images, the location of the menus, the size of the texts will greatly influence whether or not to continue to learn about your business. Your website could be as well be sleek and informative at the same time : just make a structural strategic choice to showcase your content.

Navigation structure and ergonomy

Your visitors’s experience will be a lot more pleasant if your website has a nice navigation structure and ergonomy. Ask to Multi-Graf’s experts to help you to make it happen!

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Take advantage of all the visibility that your website can give you maximizing its natural SEO. SEO comes from the content of your website and its popularity in social networks. It is possible for you to influence the results of the search engines, but with the help of Multi- Graf, you can easily target the areas that demand more effort and would give you better results.

Performance and display time

The display slowness of a website unconsciously influence the opinion that a user will have of your business. By ensuring that your website has a fast time display you make it easy to access to information, but you also give a smoother experience your user and therefore more enjoyable. Moreover, we must not overlook the fact that search engines like Google and Yahoo give priority to sites with a faster display time.

  • Responsive

    Will perfectly adjust to any mobile device

  • Personalized

    Website created for your business

  • Clean Code

    Which provides increased performance

  • HTML5/CSS3

    Created with the latest technologies

  • Updates

    Up-to-date and secure technologies

  • Support

    Outstanding support at any time

The choice of your web hosting

The choice of your website hosting is comparable to choosing a home: environment, environment, environment!

To ensure increased visibility for your website, it is not enough to have a nice style and good content it also requires that you have chosen the best web host service for your website.

The location of your web host service is a criteria for a proper optimization of your website, but its reputation is of major importance.

Having bad neighbors may lower the value of your property, the same rule applies when it comes to your SEO. Being on a server that has been put on a blacklist can actually harm the reputation of your website, or you could be assigned the label spammer and hacker because you are staying in a bad neighborhood.

The hosting service offered by Multi-Graf Inc. protects you from all that.

When it comes to web hosting, other websites hosted affect all websites on the same server. We review and manually inspect each of the websites that want to be hosted on our servers and determine which website may or may not be added. Once added to our servers, your website will continue to be reviewed by our powerful tools to ensure the best hosting service to all our customers.

We are committed to offering you quality neighbors, with which you will achieve your SEO goals.

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