Ranking and optimization

Your SMB on the web ... The road to success!

Website Optimization

Multi-Graf has been offering website optimization and SEO since its inception. We use the most advanced and current technologies.

We offer the optimization and SEO service from our Sois vu division. Sois vu specializes in optimization and SEO as well as indexing and positioning of your business on various search engines.

Search engines are constantly evolving and changing the search and result algorithm, which is why you must continually work on your SEO.

Your SMB on the web … the road to success!

Multi-Graf’s job is to optimize your site so that search engines find relevant information that will allow your site to be found by Internet users. In addition, we will advise you so that you can maintain your natural referencing.

Remember, search engines are the key to your business success. You can't be satisfied by only having a website address, you have to be found on search engines. The competition is fierce, and the Internet user rarely goes beyond the second or third page of search.

If you are not well positioned, your site will only be accessible to your current customers and those with whom you will communicate personally. Allow new customers to find you and increase your sales!

Good positioning will allow you to monetize your website.

We will know how to increase the visibility of your site on the internet thanks to our expertise, our experience and our tools.


Organic optimization – SEO

Be visible! SEO is the most effective way to be well positioned sustainably. Your website naturally show where it should be! However, a little help can allow your website to stand up and position themselves better, as we can help a tomato plant with a tutor, nature can be influenced! Multi-Graf is expert in organic optimization.

We are always aware of new products and new technologies.

You can opt for the paid programs (Google AdWords campaign) for an immediate result, but it is not a permanent solution. You will have to continue to pay to be well ranked and when you will stop paying the campaign, you will return to your natural position and the results could be far from what you have with your purchased of AdWords campaign if you have never taken the time optimize your website.


We would like to learn more on your project!

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  • Analysis

    After a thorough analysis of your website and your competitors websites, we will choose some keywords in order to obtain a higher ranking than your competitors on search engines.

  • Optimization

    Your pages will be optimized manually. Thanks to our experience, your website will quickly be accepted by search engines.

  • Monthly indexation

    Your site will be indexed manually each month. Your website will thus avoid losing its position. Your competitors won't take your place!

Keyword selection

Keyword selection is an important step in the process of indexing your website. Well chosen keywords will speed up and improve your indexing.

This service also allows you to choose, in an efficient and relevant way, the title and the description of your site.

You will be able to download a free (or obtain a printed copy)"Keyword Guide" after registering for one of our Sois Vu packages.

Continuous indexing

Indexing is the registration with various search engines. Each month, Sois Vu will index your site to hundreds of engines and directories. Thanks to monthly indexing, your website will maintain its position. Don't let your competitors take your place!


Manual Optimization

We will edit your html pages manually. Our expertise, our experience and our tools will ensure that your website is quickly accepted and well positioned by search engines.


Competitors Analysis

Using in-depth analysis of your website and the sites of your competitors, we will choose the appropriate keywords to achieve higher search engine rankings. Our expertise, our experience and our resources will allow us to find out how your competitors go about arriving at their positions in order to improve yours.


Links exchange

Links exchange can dramatically increase the reputation of your site.

The more links you have, the more activity will be on your site.


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