Ranking and optimization

Your small and medium business on the web ... the road to success!

Website optimization


Sois vu is a division of Multi-Graf Inc. specializing in increasing website visibility in search engines through optimization, indexing and ranking.

Sois vu is a business where we take the time to get to know our clients. A member of our team will personally take care of you. You have a question? We’re here to answer. You wish to meet us? We will be glad to receive you at our offices.

Your small business on the web… the way to success!

What do you do when you’re looking for a supplier? You do an online search with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Sympatico, Altavista, Lycos or any other search engine. You’re not alone. Studies show that 85% of Internet traffic comes from search engines. How many pages do you look at? If there are few results, you may check most of them out, but how often do you get results like 465,000,000? Very often! You may then check out the first 4 or 5 pages. That’s why it’s important to be well ranked. If you wish to attract new clients, you have all you need to succeed… except the most important… Internet ranking!! You must be well ranked to attract a large number of clients to your website. If you’re not well ranked, your website will only be seen by your actual clients, or those you contact personally. The potential of a website is unlimited. Help clients find you!

For more information, visit our website  Soisvu.ca


Your html pages will be manually optimized. With our experience your website will be quickly picked up and well ranked by the search engines.

Monthly Indexing

Your site will be manually indexed each month. Your website will therefore not lose its ranking. Your competition won’t take your place!


After and in depth analysis of your website and those of your competition, we will chose keywords to help rank you above your competition.


Be aware of the evolution of your website ranking thanks to our monthly stats. You can compare results with the previous month!

Good positioning will allow you to monetize your website

Organic optimization – SEO

Be visible! SEO is the most effective way to be well positioned sustainably. Your website naturally show where it should be! However, a little help can allow your website to stand up and position themselves better, as we can help a tomato plant with a tutor, nature can be influenced! Multi-Graf is expert in organic optimization.

We are always aware of new products and new technologies.

You can opt for the paid programs (Google AdWords campaign) for an immediate result, but it is not a permanent solution. You will have to continue to pay to be well ranked and when you will stop paying the campaign, you will return to your natural position and the results could be far from what you have with your purchased of AdWords campaign if you have never taken the time optimize your website.


Start by ranking your website naturally and if you feel the need, use paid keywords for an event or to boost sales of a product or service. Do not do the reverse, and above all, do not neglect your SEO.