Who is Multi-Graf

We are not just entrepreneurs, we are above all, passionate!

Multi-Graf is a business that specializes in printing, design, Website creation and hosting. Created in 2001, Multi-Graf has continually expanded, year after year, adding new products and services in order to offer its clients the most complete service possible. Some of the services offered by Multi-Graf : stationery, publicity design, and personal printing, business photography, sales of promotional stands, design and website hosting to named just a few.


We have the latest technologies in printing equipment and offer an exceptional quality! With Multi-Graf, you will go beyond your imagination!

Personalized Service

That goes beyond your requests!

Whether in creating, printing or web development, Multi-Graf’s goal is to always provide fast, complete and personalized service that goes beyond your requests.



The beginning of  Multi-Graf.

Having recently become a couple, Jonathan and Lisa jump into the adventure together! They create Multi-Graf. Some couples get married and make babies, Jonathan and Lisa give birth to thousands of projects every year. Dynamic and passionate, they love challenges. For 3 years, they run the business out of their home, buying up printing equipment one piece at a time.



Multi-Graf moves to its first commercial location.

Multi-Graf moves to Edouard Street in LaSalle. It’s the beginning of a new adventure.  Jonathan and Lisa will always remember the first client that came into the store, he came in, took a card and left.  He came back a couple of days later.  This first client is still today, one of our most faithful!


lapierreMulti-Graf moves to Lapierre Street, still in LaSalle.

Multi-Graf grows and becomes known by a larger variety of clients. Years after years, Multi-Graf buys new equipment and offers new services to meet the demands of new customers.



Multi-Graf opens a second location.

Multi-Graf does the challenges of opening of the second location on Sherbrooke West street in  Westmount. Multi-Graf discovers a new clientele and becomes known for its website creation servicse. Multi-Graf, is now growing at both locations.


Multi-Graf closes its Sherbrooke Street West branch in Westmount.

This was one of the most difficult decision for Multi-Graf. But, after 2 years of being on Sherbrooke Street West, Multi-Graf has built a faithful clientel that follow them in their moving.



Multi-Graf changes their logo to reflect the quality of the services they offer.

New logo for Multi-Graf, this new logo is cleaner and at the first look, you know that Multi-Graf works in printing (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).


Multi-Graf acquires a brand new printer.

Multi-Graf adds to its already technological equipment, the new generation of digital printers which allows you to add a 5th color to your documents for an even more striking effect! By using this new technology, Multi-Graf gives you access to a wide range of possibilities. In order to properly accommodate this printer, Multi-Graf has considerably enlarged its supply of paper and cardboard; and in addition they bought an automatic cutting and folding equipment in order to speed up the production.


Multi-Graf moves on Clément, LaSalle.

It’s in September 2019 that Multi-Graf moved to 9635 rue Clément in LaSalle. Always in a desire to serve you better, our office is  easier to access and we are now equipped with a conference room to discuss your projects.