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Whatever your level of knowledge, you will have a quality website.

Our solution is
  • Quick
  • Affordable
  • Professionnal

For those who are always at the last minute and who love saving, Multi-Graf has designed a new service!

Start creating your website in minutes!

1websitenow is the ideal solution for startup business or that need to have quick online visibility.

To make your work easy and pleasant, a structure is offered! Choose the model you like, then fill the content following the structure already in place. Customize your pages by moving, adding and removing blocks. Your site will be at your image, while respecting the style of the originally selected model.

Cost (2 options)

« I’ll do it myself », 449$ – 1 paiement

  • Choose 1 of our quality model
  • Hosting include for 12 months
  • Quick technical Support
  • “Responsive ” version for a optimal mobile navigation

« Turnkey» solution, 1249$ – 1 paiement

  • All features of  “I’ll do it myself”
  • Layout and content filing of 5 pages
  • Two revisions



Annual cost starting year 2 :
– Hosting : $100, one paiement or $13/monthly

For people who need to have a professional and quick internet presence. Small or large business, start-up or established, 1websitenow is the ideal solution for you!


some features…

You will love our layout system, “Drag and Drop”
Easily Build Responsive Websites without touching a single line of code. Our page creator, 1websitenow, allows you to get quick results.

When it comes to creation speed, 1websitenow beats all the competition.

1websitenow will make you save time.
Our preset models and our “Drag and Drop” layout system allow to easily and quickly creates well done pages.

Why does 1websitenow is so special?
Our personalized customer service.

Here are some additional reason why to choose 1websitenow :

    • Position your pictures and text accurately and create column layouts in minutes.
      1websitenow allows you to create your site on visitor’s side, so immediately see the result while you create or edit your page.
    • Be creative with our outstanding model.
      Working from models makes your work easier and saves you time. Choose your style, replace images and text with yours and “Submit”. You can even save your page as create custom template to maintain uniformity throughout your site.
    • Mobile Friendly and Responsive
      Every models on 1websitenow are mobile Friendly and Responsive, you don’t have to worry about anything.
    • Optimized models for search engines
      All our models include optimization standard to ensure that your pages are properly found by the search engines.

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