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Professional and quick web presence.

Our solution is

For those who are always at the last minute and who love saving, Multi-Graf has designed a new service!

Start creating your website in minutes!
Vite1Site is the ideal solution for startup business or any business that need to have quick online visibility.

To make your work easy and pleasant, a structure is offered! Choose the model you like, then fill the content following the structure already in place. Customize your pages by moving, adding and removing blocks. Your site will be at your image, while respecting the style of the originally selected model.


For a quick and professional result!

Choose our "Turnkey" option.

Starting at : $1749
Renewal : $100/year.

For people who need to have a professional and quick internet presence. Small or large business, start-up or established, Vite1Site is the ideal solution for you!


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