Maintenance and updates

For a secure and up to date website!

Update package

As technology evolves rapidly, for each new website we create, we take care of using the latest versions of scripts. In addition, as you which that your investment follow you for a long time, we offer you an annual update package, with this package, we will update your website to the latest versions.

It is important to always have the latest versions for 2 main reasons :

  1. To take advantage of new technologies without having to create a new website.
  2. To protect your website. A website with old technologies is morely to be hacked.

With our update package, your website will go through technological changes without hassle.

If we need to buy extension updates, these will be charged to the customer. If there are no more updates available, a fee will apply to change or rebuild the necessary extensions or themes.

Your site must continue to be hosted at Multi-Graf / to take advantage of this service. The transfer of a web site to another provider cancels your update package.

Content Maintenance Packages

Your website is your less expensive marketing tool and should grow at the same rhythm as your business. With the new attraction to blogs, online news and social networks, it is important that the content of your website changes regularly, or at least that you do additions to it.

Uses Multi-Graf services to make the changes on your website.

You might need our services to change content, correct mistakes, to add new pages, change images, to add new features. Just buy a maintenance package! Then send us an email with your request; we will make your changes. Every time we work on your website, we time it minutes by minutes, you can follow the work done and the remain time in your ClientZone!

Uses the packages as you need. Those hours are good to use with no limit of months or years.

Multi-Graf offers two additional services for your websites.

Update and maintenance packages. Those two packages are really important to make sure your website reflects your business properly. When you build a website, you must think long term.


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