Multi-Graf loyalty program

Make points on all your purchases

What is the program?

The Multi-Graf Loyalty program allows you to accumulate points redeemable for a discount on a next order. We are pleased to be able to reward you for the trust you place in our business by allowing you to reduce your operating costs.

This is an added benefit of doing business with us. Your points will be added to your file and you can exchange them, at the time that suits you, on your next order at Multi-Graf.

This unique program is generous, it allows you to collect 1.5% discount for every dollar spent.

It's our way of thanking you for your precious loyalty to our company.


Who can benefit from this program?

Any Multi-Graf customer is eligible for the program upon your next order. Just register online to get your first points and join the ranks of the group "customers pampered".

We designed our own system; it is a unique project of its kind.

Our system will automatically count each of your purchases and will record eligible points under the program. The management of your points is done in a transparent way and without any intervention on your part.

Thus, each new order or participation to announced promotions will be taken into consideration by our system and will update of your bank of points automatically.

Your invoices will also mention the points obtained during your order as well as the total points accumulated in your account. It will therefore be easy to consult your bank of total points on your file for future use.

In addition, you will receive regular notifications of the number of points accumulated in your account.

The more you do business with us, the more points you will accrue to your account.

Participating in the program helps you accumulate points. For our part, transaction analysis will provide us with more information on the products and services our customers are seeking to improve our quality of services.


Generous program

Few points programs can claim to give as much to their frequent customers. Not only is the return on investment percentage interesting, but bonuses can be added to your account.

Indeed, several promotional campaigns will be offered randomly during the year.

For example, bonus points may be offered on selected products. A special event could also be part of a promotion entitling you to bonus points. All of these promotions will have one goal: to help you increase your points and redeem them for future eligible purchases.

Some offers will be so enticing that they will allow you to exchange them for items almost free of charge. This is our definition of a generous program. Is not this an advantage to seize?

Become a member and learn more about how to increase your point bank!

What is the value of the points?

Each dollar spent gives you 1.5 points. 100 points accumulated entitles you to 1 dollar discount. This equates to a 1.5% discount on all your purchases before taxes.

1$ = 1.5 points
100 points = 1$

How will the additional promotions be announced?

To take advantage of these one-time promotions, make sure you are registered in the Loyalty Program to receive these exciting offers by email. Because every dollar is worth its weight in gold ...


How to use them?

Make the request on your next order of goods or services eligible for the program and use all points in a single transaction.Note that some restrictions apply; we invite you to consult our terms and conditions.

Start now to accumulate your points redeemable for attractive discounts and ensure that your loyalty is rewarded!


Subscribe and receive points on all your purchases at Multi-Graf.

Every dollar spent gives you 1.5 points. 100 points gives you 1 dollar discount. This equates to an interesting 1.5% discount on all your purchases before taxes. In addition, we will regularly offer bonus points on selected products.