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Complete and efficient website

Your website is your gateway to potential new customers. We live in a technological era where consumers like to begin their research by comparing different companies via their websites. Your goal is to interest them in a glance through a website that will make an excellent first impression. Your website will also be carrying your visual signature and your brand image. Multi-Graf in an expert in website creation and will know how to build it in a way that will interest both current customers and potential customers.

A successful company needs a complete and effective website to promote themselves. Regardless of the desired information, either a phone number, an address or to make an opinion about a company, the best source of information is definitely your website.

Here are 5 reasons why you will not find a reason not to have a website

  • Your website is an investment, not an expense
    Today, banks lend for websites. Customers choose one supplier over another because of your website, an investor sees an added value to your company when you have a quality website.
  • Information accessible from anywhere at any time
    Your clients will have their questions answered anytime, no matter where they are located or when they do their research, the information you have put available for them on your website will be accessible and they will be able to make an idea about you and make decisions.
  • Low cost
    An advertising vehicle that will grow with you! You can , according to your ideas and your projects announce your new products, put sales or promotions. This is a much cheaper alternative than ads in the newspaper or in magazines.
  • Inform
    Keep your customers informed about your new achievements, your implications, your business acquisitions. You could reach a customer to whom you had not thought of.
  • Notoriety
    A website well designed and easy to find, gives you more credibility and could give you a new customers. The first impression of a new customer often comes from her first visit to your website. With a good website you stand out from your competitors .

Why Multi-Graf? 

Multi-Graf has an experience of over 19 years in designing websites. We have witnessed the great changes in the various web technologies. At Multi-Graf, we design very small simple sites as well as very large sites that contain all the features you could imagine.

Completely designed in our offices : choose a Multi-Graf’s quality website! It will be exclusive and absolutely unique!

Get involved or not in the development of your website?

You can decide whether to get involved in the development process. Three criteria will help you make your decision : Budget, time and knowledge.

Budget :

  • Your budget is limited and you can’t leave us all the research work and information assembly?
    Get involved! Simply provide us with the material ready to work.
  • You have a reasonable budget and want a complete service that will require little intervention from you?
    Let us prepare professional content for you.

Temps :
Here we think of the time you have to dedicate to the creation of your website, but also the time frame to produce your website.

  • You need your website quickly and you have time to get involved?
    Do not hesitate, prepare your material clearly and be proactive! Your project will be carried out smoothly and quickly.
  • You need your website quickly and you do not have time to get involved?
    Let us help build your web strategy. We will work for you.

Knowledge :

It is a matter of choice. You have the knowledge, the desire to get involved or not ? It is a personal choice that may be influenced by the previous two points.

Let us create for you! 

Our research and writing team will research your industry and ensure to create texts that reflect the image of your business, while adapting to your target clients, all written with the standards of SEO .

The information on your website is important; it is essential that your customer has the pleasure to visit it and find complete and easy to read information. Since there are several types of businesses and several types of customers, there are several types of writing. We will select the one that best suits your area of ​​expertise.

We are passionate about information technology. Multi -Graf is your trusted partner to help you grow in this area and create tools to accompany your company throughout its development. Our expertise is reflected in our expert advice and quality of our products and services.

Our consultants will guide you in developing your communication tools to help you achieve your goals .