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With our large format digital printer, we can print a variety of formats in black and white and colour. Using a 24” or 36” wide paper roll it prints sizes from 18×24 to 24×36 to 36×48 or any other standard measure from 24” and 36” roll. We can also scan in color.


Blueprint Print and Scan

Thanks to this system we can now easily scan your posters, plans, maps or drawings that are larger than 11” x 17”.

Our large format printing service will simplify the life of many people from LaSalle and the surrounding areas. Whether you are an architect, construction entrepreneur, interior designer, electrician, roofer or plumber, you can send us your plans by email or stop by our offices and receive you prints in just a few minutes.

We also offer a delivery services option all over Montreal.

And we guarantee the best prices! Special prices for large quantities.

We know that your time is precious so send us your files before leaving the office. We can also call you when they are ready or ship them by messenger.



At Multi-Graf, we could also print your banners, your signs, your pamphlet, your business cards. We can also design your ads and websites.


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