Do we need a business card?

Do we need a business card? A question that has been asked more and more often in recent years!

With the digital age and teleworking, we have fewer opportunities to distribute our business card. On the other hand, they should not be neglected for all that. And there are still many opportunities to use it!

Reason # 1
A business card at the reception
At the simple blink of an eye, a client who comes into your office can immediately take a card, quickly get to know the different people who occupy an important position in your company and get an idea of ​​your style and your qualifications in your domain.

Reason # 2
Another contact among all those on your cellphone
Many people use this argument as a weak point of the business card. For me, on the opposite, handing a business card to a potential client increases the chances that they will remember you and get back in touch with you in a near future. Yes, we can give our contact details to a customer who will immediately enter it on their cell phone, but your contact details will get mixed up with all of their other contacts and will be forgotten. While a business card, which of course ends up in the recycling bin in more than 85% of cases after only a week, is seen a second chance very quickly to arouse the interest of your potential client at a probably more opportune time for a first contact.

Reason # 3
We like to see​​
Like it or not, image is very important in our society! The card is a window into your business image. It reflects the quality of your services, your skills, the attention you pay to details. So a sloppy card that doesn’t live up to the image you want to convey won’t do you justice. Hence, the importance of taking the utmost care.

Reason # 4
Because we are proud
Yes, we are proud! Our business is one of the most important things in our life, and we are always proud to talk about it. Why not mark the moment with a business card that can be given to your interlocutor and thereby support your claims! You are proud of your business, be proud by handing over a business card that reflect your image!

Reason # 5
So that you are remembered
We’ve all been in an event where we talk to a multitude of people. Some more interesting than others. You want to be the most interesting person, to be remembered! Aside from making a big blunder, tripping in the edge of the carpet, you can also hand over a business card that will catch the eye, awaken a sensation! A little extra for you, without making a fool of yourself!

The business card has of course diminished in importance, but it will remain the image of the entrepreneur. In my opinion, an entrepreneur must have a business card, despite the fact that he is in a technological field, his interlocutors may not be as much. What would be negative about handing a card to someone who prefers to enter your details into their cell?

Remember, the business card reflects your image, creates immediate impact, arouses interest, and lasts in the memory of the other person.

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