New Loyalty Program at Multi-Graf

3 good reasons to join our new loyalty program!

Do you like rewards? You will be happy to learn the implementation of our new Multi-Graf points program which aims to reward our loyal customers.

Nowadays, we are constantly attracted by the many points programs such as grocery stores, airlines, pharmacies, credit cards, etc. We have to think about the most popular including Air Miles, Metro & Me, SAQ Inspire, etc. All of these programs have two things in common: rewarding customer loyalty and saving you money!

So why not us? It is by taking inspiration from these programs that we have chosen to reward our loyal customers who have trusted us for more than 20 years!

Multi-Graf is proud to launch its generous loyalty program that will surely please our loyal customers. This program will give you the opportunity to earn points to redeem for discounts on your next eligible orders or products.


Reason # 1 – Easy Membership!

Easy to apply. One registration and you will automatically be considered a member of the loyalty program. Each purchase made will be automatically posted to your account and the corresponding points added to your point bank. All this will be done through our unique automated system specially designed by Multi-Graf.


Reason # 2 – Generosity of the program

The generosity of the program that could lead you to get almost free products according to the number of points accumulated.

The discount on purchase is equivalent to 1.5% back on your eligible purchases. Thus, $ 1 spent represents 1.5 points. 100 points equals $ 1 applicable on a next order.

This is a great way to reduce your operating costs or spoil you personally by offering you an eligible item at the best price of your choice.

We are confident that our program compares easily with existing ones in the marketplace and ranks among the most generous.


Reason # 3: Special Promotions

Program members will also be offered random promotions during the year. These promotions will allow you to accumulate more points thanks to the bonus points offered on these occasions.

By signing up for promotional e-mail, you will be able to view these special offers and take advantage of them to accumulate additional points on your account.

More points = more rewards.

It will also be easy to check your accumulated points. Indeed, your invoices will also mention the points obtained during your order, as well as the total points accumulated in your account.

It is also possible to accumulate points without purchase. Indeed, some events will be highlighted to allow you to increase your bank of points; for example on your birthday where a gift in bonus points will be offered.

This is a great way to earn extra points.


Plus an updated service offer

Because your needs and interests are at the heart of our concerns, these transactions will allow us to better define our service offer in continuity with your expectations. It is by surveying your interests that we are able to offer you a better range of services and items you need. This is a winning approach for you as a customer and for us as a service provider.

If we recap on the benefits of our new program, here are the main elements that will get you to join:


  • Mark of appreciation towards the loyal customers
  • Easy and free membership
  • Pecuniary benefit
  • Generous discount
  • Interesting rewards
  • Discount on future orders
  • Unique and automated system designed by Multi-Graf
  • Adding promotions Bonus points
  • Easy consultation of the bank of accumulated points
  • Scalable and personalized service offering


Do not wait any longer and sign up for the new Multi-Graf Inc. loyalty Program Membership is fast and free. You’ll be ready to start earning points today. Upon your next order, you will be able to register!

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Subscribe and receive points on all your purchases at Multi-Graf.

Every dollar spent gives you 1.5 points. 100 points gives you 1 dollar discount. This equates to an interesting 1.5% discount on all your purchases before taxes. In addition, we will regularly offer bonus points on selected products.