Artist of the year 2018 – Yenilex Romero

Zumaira Expressions is a young, light and profound initiative, which reflects the creativity of all the artists behind this initiative. Zumaira means to bring calmness into emotions. The project itself consists of an emerging artists’ cooperative who create through art, works that tell their experiences, while letting go their minds and concentrate on their free spirit. The founder, Yenilex Romero and her artist friend, Delmary Tinoco, works together as a team to bring peacefulness and revel emotions in other people’s life.

Originally from Venezuela and based in Montreal as well, Miss Tinoco connect well her art craft with the idea behind this initiative. She has been able to explore and develop painting techniques using acrylic, textures, colors, collage and epoxy, even though she is from a Marketing background. Delmary exposed her art in Laval and Saint-Bruno already, as well as Yenilex, in two Coffee Shops in Montreal. This is why this team is a perfect combination of artists, who elevate their souls to produce an ultimate art craft.


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