10 tips to lower the cost of leaflet creation

Whether you are starting your business or have undertaken major changes in your corporate image, it happened to all of you the desire to give to your business a professional brochure reflecting your business image. Like many entrepreneurs, you’ve probably been impressed by the high costs of some design agencies.

It is possible to create quality flyers respecting a tight budget, for this, you need take part in the development process. Here are some tips that will allow us to work more efficiently.

1. You should be prepared
You must know what message you want to convey.

2. You must know which content you want to include
You must prepare your content, will there be a lot of text, lots of images?

3. Have an idea of ​​the style you want
By surfing on websites or picking up brochures everywhere, you can define the style you are looking for your own brochure.

4. Make a mock-up
It is important that you make a mock-up to define the size and type of brochure that is necessary for your content. If your budget is limited, it is better to ask the printing prices before choosing your size. You can then define the content allowing to your budget.

5. Compose your texts and make validated by professional
Nothing is more difficult than creating a brochure with dummy content! In addition, your texts should be corrected and validated before we insert them to leaflet to avoid additional work.

6. Define your titles and phrases that have to be highlighted
Let us know which phrases and titles are important, we will give them all the necessary importance.

7. Provide images
Give us your images along with your texts. If you do not have images, you can make a selection on or we can also do a photo shoot at your office.

8. Creation and design
Let us offer different style and create your brochure with your text and photos. We are corporate image professionals and we will offer you the styles that suit you.

9. Review
The review part is an important step, check that the contents are complete, in addition, don’t forget to check the spelling and keystroke errors. A well done revision avoid many steps.

10. Correction and approval
We will make the necessary corrections and obtain your approval.

Your brochure will be ready for printing. Everything execute within a reasonable time within your budget.

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