Quick and easy newsletter system

A powerful newsletter system!


Mail Contact is a division of  Multi-Graf Inc. Sending Newsletters is an inexpensive marketing tool, but with mailContact, you will even save more.

Take advantage of two different packages.  The purchase package or the rental one.  In the purchase package, you have one fee on registration and a yearly fee that vary on the amount of email sent per month, from 0$ to 1100$ per year (up to 50 000 email sent per month).  In the rental package, you have a small fee at registration, and then you pay a monthly fee, no contract, you will pay from 15$ per month to 125$ per month, the price vary with the amount of email you wish to send monthly.

We know that you will like mailContact, try it for three months, and get a discount when you change your packages for the purchased one.



You can send your campaign when they are ready, or you can schedule a date and time that it will be automaticaly sent. Don’t forget any event and save time.  You can create your newsletter months in advance for Christmas wishes, New Yeard, Valentine day, Easter, mothers day or fathers day promotions, etc.

Real time stats

You have access to a large amount of statistics with  mailContact, and this, in real time. Immediately see who opened the newsletter, which links have been click, even before the campaign is fully sent.

Members report activities.
-Know when and how many time the newsletter is opened.
-Know who clicked, how many time and which link they clicked.
-Know how many time your Newsletter has been “Sent to a friend”.
-Know who and when a member unsubscribe.
-Know how many contacts are not good and why.
-Know how many members declared you as « SPAM ».
-Received suggestion on the best days to send your newsletters based on the amount of newsletter opened and the numbers of link clicked per day.

With Google Analytics, you can follow your members in your website.  You will see which page they are visiting, and you can give them personnal support or service.

Reduce SPAM

What is  SPAM? 
-It’s massive email sent automatically and repeatedly to email addresses that are not necessarily known by the sender.
-As more and more SPAM are sent, antiSPAM programs get more sensitive and some email are considered SPAM even if they are not.  The antiSPAM programs, analyzed every email coming to your inbox and delete suspicious email or move them to your SPAM box (junk).

What is analyzed?
-The subject and the body of the email. Some combination of words are automatically detect as SPAM.
-Black list, some servers are registered on blacklist because they send SPAM.  Email send from those servers are detect as SPAM.

With mailContact, we use an SMTP system and we have the AUTH extension that allow to authentify the senders.
Additional to that, every campaign that you build is analysed with our SPAM analyzer, it gives you a score and gives you things to modify in your newsletter to reduce your SPAM score.

The tools available with our system will increase the chance that your newsletter is read by your contacts!

Your data are in security

As for us, your customers are important to you and you would be really disappointed if someone managed to get hold of your email lists to send them junk mail.

With mailContact, your email lists and your campaigns are protect by a password that you are the only one to know and are protected by a 256bits SSL certificates.

Incredible support

MailContact thought to everything !  Get all your answers in the user guide, in our help section or open a ticket for a specific question. You will always get the help needed. Your questions will help other users to find their answers, we are building our help section with your questions.

Easy and Effective

No needs to install any programs, just created an account and your connections informations will be sent by email, you are ready to use mailContact.

With mailContact, you don’t even need an hosting packages or a website.  Your newsletter system is located on mailContact server. You can access it anytime and from anywhere. Sending newsletters won’t affect your server speed.

Our mailContact server is very fast!

MailContact is a Quebec business

MailContact offers local technical suppor. MailContact is available french and english as you want, you can even switch from both languages.  You can modify every automatics emails, subscriptions, unsubscription…

MailContact is part of a business that take time to control the quality and the satisfaction of their clients. At mailContact, every client is important.

Choose your template

Choose among different styles, colors and layout. They are unique and various. Change the content and send them!

Our templates are easy to modify and to fill with our HTML editor, it allows you to modify one section at a time. The changes done in one section won’t affect the layout of another section.  It is also easy to add images with your media library that contains all your images.  Create exceptional campaigns!

Contact management

Easily import and export your contacts, create as many list as you want.  Group them by language, sex, age…you will be able to tarket your campaign.

Your clients won’t receive your newsletter twice on the same email.  Your members can be in several list, but mailContact won’t send the same campaign twice to one email address.