Website and mobile application

Increase your conversion of visitors into customers!


Multi-Graf offers the creation of mobile applications for your website. In fact, it is rather a mobile website designed as an application.

For a site to be easily searchable from a mobile device, it is necessary that the information is easily accessible. The use of icons and buttons is a solution that makes it more pleasant browsing your website and facilitates the selection of available content.

Let us make life easier for your visitors to increase the conversion of them into customers.

In most cases the first time a visitor will navigate your site, it will be from a mobile device.


The user experience is important, but, in addition, since April 21, 2015, Google changed their algorithm for websites research to prioritize mobile-friendly sites which makes the experience optimal for users.

A site that is not mobile-friendly is automatically penalized in the search results. Indeed, in research, priority being given to mobile-friendly sites, sites of your competitors will appear before yours in the search results.


– Easy to read text without having to enlarge

– Optimized menu for mobile devices

– Optimized Content to screen size

– Much faster loading

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